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HYLITE: Hyper-local delivery service as an asset light model


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Why do you need to invest in Hyper-local delivery capabilities?

Whether you are an E-Commerce service or a Local retailer, customers today expect fast and efficient delivery at their door-step. The need of the future is to move from ‘next day delivery’ to ‘next hour delivery’.
How do you ensure delightful customer service that is prompt and personalized? How do you achieve this at lower costs and yet roll out an aggressive ‘door step delivery’ strategy that meets customer expectations?

How Goldfishh HYLITE can help you achieve competitive advantage
over Hyper-Local Delivery?

Goldfishh pay-per-use Warehouse
A ready to use plug-and-play solution for Hyper-local delivery. Entirely tech driven, the solution gives you access to Local delivery teams in key hyper-local markets that can be integrated with your fulfilment platform.
Goldfishh on-demand warehouse
Stock much closer to your customers taking advantage of Goldfishh’s on-demand warehousing solution (Warehouse as a service) to create Dark stores where ever you need them for strategic and speedy delivery.
Goldfishh Warehouse Management
Our network of trained professionals and delivery partners will assist you with every integration to ensure seamless hyper-local delivery.

HYLITE – The Hyper Local Delivery Service that is Efficient and Cost saving.

It gives you the flexibility and scalability that is required for a successful hyper local delivery operation
As it operates on an asset light model it saves cost, while you get to uphold customer expectations especially in peak sales situations

Goldfishh is a new age technology company whose mission is to provide solutions to retail and e-commerce industry. For e-commerce sellers who sell online as well as for traditional retailers and brands who operate their local retail sales and distribution networks, Goldfishh offers HYLITE, a hyper local delivery service. HYLITE, a unique model, helps to achieve last mile delivery as a cloud-based SAAS for home delivery of consignments to local customers. The unique advantage of this model is that it is a 100% asset-light logistics service and can be onboarded on a pay-per-use basis, simply through integration with the Goldfishh cloud platform for last-mile delivery. Local retailers such as consumer electronics stores, mobile store owners, computer hardware retailers, furniture and garment retailers, grocery stores, chemist outlets, and food and restaurant owners can use this service to deliver a delightful shop from home experience from their local retail stores, outlets, or even dark stores. No need to invest in hiring delivery boys and software to provide the delivery service. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss how we can help with last mile delivery services.