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WAAZO: Warehouse as a pay-per-use Service


Get end to end Storage, Warehouse and E-commerce fulfilment service anywhere in India

Why choose Warehouse as a service instead of procuring your own Warehouse?

The conventional warehouse procurement model is fraught with challenges. Due to huge fluctuations in demands in the supply chain, warehouse utilisation is often inefficient (less than 50%). There is wastage due to un-utilised capacity. And therefore, scaling up the number of warehouses results in the following challenges:

High fixed cost

Low capacity utilization

Huge lead times

Inability to scale

Opportunity loss of sales

How Goldfishh WAAZO can provide you the right Warehousing as a Service?

Just a few minutes to get started with a new Warehouse
No need of upfront investments and blocking of capital
Pay-per-use Warehouse option reduces losses due to uncertainty
Business advantage of choice and flexibility along with cost savings

How it works: 3 Simple steps to Warehousing Nirvana!

  • Specify your Warehouse requirement
  • We find best match warehouse options
  • Get started and pay only for what you use - monthly

Easiest and fastest way to extend your existing warehouse network
seamlessly and cost-effectively

Scale fast with no worry about seasonality or demand projections. Recalibrate based on experience. Close down at short notice.
Get the ability to have your warehouses precisely where you need it, to serve your customers in a better way

Goldfishh is a new age technology company whose mission is to provide solutions to retail and e-commerce industry.Our online marketplace for warehouse management, WAREVER connects buyers who need warehouse space (or storage space) with sellers who have either full warehouses for lease/rent or a part of operating warehouses (Flexible Warehousing). As part of the WAREVER solution, our team has been constantly aggregating a curated database of warehouses in India with near to real time data of warehouse rates and warehouse inventory. Whether you are part of a supply chain management company or a retail distributor for any consumer goods industry managing FMCG distribution, pharma distribution, food distribution, or consumer electronics retail distribution, we can help you find the right warehouses at the right locations to augment your retail distribution network. Your supply chain distribution may need general warehouses, cold storage facilities, or refrigerated warehouses or even storage yards for rent for temporary onsite storage or any other temporary storage solutions. All this is monitored through a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to connect with your existing supply chain management system or e-commerce fulfilment Order Management System (OMS). Whatever may be your warehouse management needs, get in touch with us to discuss how we can add value to your retail distribution or supply chain optimization strategy.