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Challenges faced by E-commerce companies

Goldfishh e-commerce-fullfilment
E-commerce businesses face inefficiencies at all levels – warehousing, distribution, order fulfilment, transportation and last-mile delivery
Goldfishh -Solution for Supply Chain Management
Setting up your own warehouse in every city to scale up delivery is an expensive proposition
Goldfishh Local-e commerce delivery service
Fast and efficient delivery of your products to customers need effective order management and fulfilment processes
Goldfishh On-demand Logistics Service
Additionally, the burden of logistics and delivery leaves no time left to focus on your core business of creating the right products for your customers

Goldfishh Unecom: The easiest and fastest way to set up or expand your e-commerce fulfilment seamlessly and cost-effectively

A fulfillment solution that is simply plug and play. Scale fast without worrying about demand projections or seasonality
Get the ability to optimise your fulfilment centres precisely where you need it, to serve your customers better and at lower costs
Pan India fulfilment powered by a model that gets you the critical cost advantage on operational Logistics

Goldfishh UNECOM is designed to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

  • Warehouse + Fulfilment + Logistics & Delivery offered as a consolidated all in one end-to-end solution
  • Asset light model with no Capex. Purely variable cost structure – pay per usage based on transactions without paying for infrastructure
  • Ready to use Technology platform that integrates your entire backend supply chain directly into your E-Commerce website and other sales channels (marketplaces, social media etc.)
Omni Channel E-Commerce management all on a single view
Warehouse and Logistics seamlessly integrated to augment your pan India presence

Goldfishh is a new age technology company whose mission is to provide solutions to the retail and e-commerce industry. For Direct to Customer e-commerce brands (D2C), we offer UNECOM: an end-to-end ecommerce fulfilment solution that can be part of your supply chain management system (SCM). UNECOM is powered by a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and an Order Management System (OMS) that seamlessly integrate between multiple pay-per-use warehouses in India and work on an asset-light model for e-commerce fulfilment services. The service comes with the ability to integrate with logistics service providers, best suited to your e-commerce distribution needs. UNECOM also offers to augment your last mile delivery expansion plans (Hyper-Local delivery) whenever the case may be in specific markets. If you are a start-up e-commerce business or a growing e-commerce business looking for opportunities to scale up your market reach and penetration or want to optimize efficiency and costs of your existing fulfilment infrastructure, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss how we can add value.