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Looking for Affordable Storage Services for Household or Office Items?

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We have Secure storage facilities in over 30 locations all over India
Choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze Service, starting at Rs. 190 per month.

Goldfishh Storex:

Best in class storage services at a better price.

Powered by Technology

Why choose Goldfishh Storex?

Delightful price and payment terms
Hassle free professional services and customer support
Multiple warehouses to suit your needs and budget
One stop service at your door-step, including packing, transportation and delivery
End-to-End Software automated process via Mobile App
Top grade Warehouses to ensure complete Safety & Security

Why are storage costs so high in the industry?

Most storage warehouses in India have a very low capacity utilization (less than 40%). This means wastage due to under usage.
The price that you pay for storage service has buffered into it the high in-efficiency that warehouses experience at any point in time, to keep their business profitable.

Goldfishh’s unique service delivery model

  • Goldfishh has the largest network of storage warehouses across India.
  • We have access to real time information of storage capacities of warehouses.
  • Warehouses give us special rates as we promise them volumes to solve their capacity challenges.
  • Based on our customer’s requirements we find the right storage solutions - customised and at the right price.
  • Customer focus is of paramount importance to us - from start to finish, powered by our Software driven processes.
  • Managed by experienced professionals from the logistics and relocation industry, you are always in safe hands.
  • We also provide dedicated storage warehouse solutions for corporates and premium customers.

This ensures that our customers benefit. And our partners benefit too.

How Goldfishh Storex works

Goldfish Storex Storage Service-Step1
Send us an online enquiry through our website. Or simply give us a call on 9619191000
Goldfish Storex Storage Service-Step2
You will receive a call from our storage expert to understand your storage requirement
Goldfish Storex Storage Service-Step3
We send you a quote and then our team will visit as per plan. We pack, pick & transport your goods from your location to our warehouse
Goldfish Storex Storage Service-Step4
We store your goods safely in our warehouse and ensure total security. You will receive bills end of every month, which you can pay online.
Goldfish Storex Storage Service-Step5
To get your stuff back, you call or e-mail us a delivery request. We deliver your stuff at your door step - anywhere on the planet.

What our customers say

Soumil Shah
Soumil Shah
Manager, Schlumberger

I keep travelling out of India frequently for my work, sometimes up to 6 months. I used Goldfishh Storex Service the last time I went abroad for 5 months. I must say they have well trained and professional staff that take of your every need as a customer. All my stuff was packed well at my house itself. The entire service was smooth and well planned and co-ordinated. It was a good decision for me as I ended up saving my house rent by putting my stuff in storage with Goldfishh

Omkar Kolangade
Omkar Kolangade
Software Engineer, Facebook

I wanted to store my furniture for a few months when I needed to do some renovation work at my home. It would have been inconvenient to do construction work with all my furniture in the house. I got to know about storage services, but I did not want my stuff to be carried to some distant location. All storage companies I contacted had their warehouse located far away outside the city. Only Goldfishh said they can source a Warehouse special for me nearby. It is like Goldfishh gave me a personalized and customized service – unlike others. Their service follow-up and execution was very good. I recommend their services to others definitely.

Palash Soni
Palash Soni
Founder – GoldCast, IIT - Harvard

I decided to move back to my hometown after the lockdown was announced. So, wanted to find a solution where I could store my stuff safely till, I return back as I didn’t want to sell it and transporting it all the way to my hometown was expensive. I searched and found about Goldfishh Storex on Google and sent an enquiry. I immediately got a call from them and they explained to me the whole process. It was very simple and cost effective for me so I decided to go with them. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Very good customer support and customer service. Thankyou very much.

Goldfishh Storex Storage Services

Goldfishh is a new age start-up company. As a tech service provider, we offer cloud-based collaborative services for end-to-end supply chain management, warehouse and logistics for retail and e-commerce industry.

For non-warehouse storage requirements of customers, especially domestic, offices, retailers, restaurants, and other commercial establishments, we offer GOLDFISHJH STOREX, a unique solution that is an answer to short-term self-storage needs. Goldfishh Storex could be the right solution for you if you need to put all or part of your household items into personal storage or household storage for a few months; an office that needs storage space to put furniture, fixtures, equipment, or a storage room for documents in temporary storage or short-term storage; or retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, or other commercial establishments that need business storage or goods storage for any kind of consignment temporarily at a reliable and secure space storage facility.

Whatever is your storage space requirements depending on the storage units for rent you need, we can provide you cheap storage solutions thanks to our unique operating model. Send us your requirements and we will be happy to assist you with the best storage solution that is just right for your needs.