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How to reduce costs on Home rent if you are on ‘Work out of Home’?

How to reduce costs on Home rent if you are on ‘Work out of Home’?

With the kind of crisis going around the world triggered due to lock down and the austerity measures that it demands, it is important for all of us to find ways to conserve cash. It is important to exercise caution to ensure wasted expenses are curtained. If you are a working professional, living in a rented home in any city in India, this article may be of relevance to you. Particularly folks who work in the IT industry and other industries in India, where increasingly several companies are finding ways to offer their employees the option of ‘Work-out-of-home’. And this might just be the new order in the business world for the years to come. Companies are discovering that remote working can be an effective option too – or rather they are finding ways to cope up with how to make this work. In this article you will learn about the pros and cons about making a life-style decision about where you live and how you work in the years to come – All there by saving you a great deal of money, while giving you convenience and peace of mind.

Why is saving cost on Home rent important? Yes it may be true that you have taken the pains to find the right house for your self and family – considering your space requirements (your family size and the quantum of furniture and stuff that you own – resulting in your need for a 1, 2 or 3 BHK flat in the city you live in. There may be also factors like proximity to work place. Some people who prefer not to travel find a home near the work place though it may be more expensive being a upmarket area. Others who would prefer to keep costs lower or want a more spacious home choose a distant suburb, although it may mean a few hours of travel every day. Whatever the situation may be, it is now time to understand that all those considerations and criteria no longer hold good anymore. 

You have been working out of home (or worse still – and God forbid that isn’t the case with you, but many are even without a job). Either ways, your home is now just a place you live in. And your ‘place’ of work suddenly has no impact on any other aspect of your life. You could just be living in Timbuktu and the office folks simply don’t care. You have no rush hour commute, no taxi, no car, no driver, no nothing to worry about. Things have changed. 

Let’s just assume that the very reason that you live in the city is because your job brought you here. And obviously the home you live in is not your ‘own’ home as of now. You originally belong to another city or small town – where perhaps your parents and family live. A place that you hope to go back to or visit whenever you have a break or a holiday. Obviously this is your real home or parents home.

Now lets do the math on Home Rental costs

Let’s take the hypothetical case of a Mr. Rajiv Menon who originally hails from Alleppey (a small town in Kerala), who work in a reputed IT company in Bangalore. He and his family (wife and a 10 year old daughter) live in a 2 BHK rented home in Bangalore in an upmarket suburb. The monthly  rental cost that Rajiv pays every month is about Rs. 25,000. Plus he pays another Rs. 5000 for other expenses like electricity and other bills. His job is now turned into a ‘Work-out of Home’ situation and he therefore now spends more time with his wife and daughter who are also ‘locked down’ at home. The daughter’s school is now gone online and the wife is busy turning half tutor to manage the daughter’s education. Rajiv’s parents in Alleppey are alone. They are old and there is not much help to ensure that general day-today requirements like grocery shopping etc are being met. Rajiv is worried for their safety and well being, but can’t do much from Bangalore – except call them more frequently than he used to do before.

How a House hold Storage Service can offer an interesting solution

Very many people may not have heard of such an option – Which is the whole purpose of this article. You cannot leave your rented home in Bangalore, because you have your furniture and belongings in there – Or at the most you can lock up the house and go and spend time with your parents. The Job is anyway ‘Work-out-of-home’ – So you can pretty much work from anywhere.

And therefore your take the decision to visit your parents for a few days – But Hey wait! Do you want to know of a better option?

Consider this – You don’t need the House in Bangalore anymore.

And suppose you are told that you can avail of a professional Storage Service like that of Just a phone call or an Online Enquiry will do. You just need to inform them about your situation to consider the storage service option. A team will arrive at your Home – professional pack all your furniture and belongings into carton boxes and take it their nearest storage facility. And store it there safe and secure – for as many months as you don’t need it. And many months later when you want your stuff back – all it takes is a phone call and your stuff gets transported to your door step and organised in your new rental home. Either in Bangalore itself or any other city – any where is the world. Yes, you heard it right – Any where in the world. (We are hoping here that lady luck smile upon you and you just got an overseas posting!)

Now – let’s hear what all this will cost you and what you will save.

For Storage services, a typical 2-BHK flat depending on how large it is and how densely occupied it is with furniture and other household items can cost you anywhere between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000 per month. On your rental plus maintenance expenses, you can save anything between Rs. 20,000 to 30,000 per month for a 2 BHK flat. Wouldn't that be a killer deal?

How to get started with exploring a reliable storage service?

1.       Get in touch with Goldfishh (9619191000) or Send an Online Enquiry:

2.       A Goldfishh executive will get in touch with you to assess your requirement and advise you on the Storage solution that is best suited to your needs. You will of course need to provide a list of all items you need to store and for how long you anticipate you need it stored.

3.       Based on your custom requirement – A Storage plan and a Price quote will be sent to you.

4.       Once you approve the plan – Things will be taken care of by the Goldfishh Team as an end to end service. And you can then sit back and relax – as you see your hard earned money being saved every month.

Should I consider Storage Services?

So if you have a similar situation like Rajiv Menon, you now know how to convert your Work-out-of-Home situation to your advantage using a reliable Store Service. Save your hard earned money and stay safe in the unusual times that the world is going through.

Who know, once you experience the convenience of Storage services, you may even continue to use Storage options in the future to de-clutter your home with stuff this you don’t need – but is too precious to discard. Right now Storage Services maybe a critical necessity – But it can be a lifestyle choice too for upwardly mobile folks who aspire the good life.

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