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Storage Services for Business to control intra costs during lock down.

Storage Services for Business to control intra costs during lock down.

The lock down induced across the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic may be nature’s way of arresting excesses by the human race, for reckless plunder of mother earth. It has costed human lives and huge financial losses to the global economy. And more importantly it is teaching organizations all over the world how to re calibrate their business and get frugal with how they run their operations.

Employees now cannot travel to work – Perhaps for a very long time to come. Who knows the Work-out-of-home concept now being introduced by companies will become the new normal as organizations and people both learn to live with the virus. The world is now looking towards the beginning of a new order. A shift in thinking and practice that is for sure now here to stay.

Organization will have to re-think and cope up with dealing with complex business continuity plans. And a small part of this plan in cutting down on unwanted expenses is also about re looking at its existing infrastructure.

Here in this article, we try to throw some light on the small aspect of how business enterprises can deal with cutting down on rental and leasing costs on office and commercial premises, the pros and cons and about the right evaluation of the way forward.

Let’s take the case forward for Business Enterprises of all types small, medium or large who have large office spaces where employees used to work. The first consideration is, if the office space is company owned or leased.  If it is the latter, it is imperative that one needs to look at the viability of keeping such infrastructure still up and running. Many organizations may also be looking at realigning their manpower requirements in the light of their new business needs and ongoing financial viability. If the situation also means that staff of specific nature like for example contracted staff or outsourced payroll employees – may not any longer have engagement opportunities, it will mean downsizing of staff as well. And if in the near future the need to scale up man power may not exist, then it may call for prudent decisions on optimization of office spaces and infrastructure. Organizations worldwide have their administration and legal departments re-looking at their lease contracts on office infra. In many cases it initially would mean re-negotiation of the lease costs. But sooner or later it can mean letting go of the entire infra itself. Between employee base downsizing to furlough plans to work-out of home transformation it all puts a question mark on the need to retain unwanted infrastructure.

If the decision now is tending closer to closing down unwanted infrastructure, the next question that comes to mind is ‘what to do with the office assets?’. There may be furniture and fixtures, office chairs and desks, computers and equipment. In most organizations, selling of assets has its own challenges. Or more relevant is the question of needing it in the future insofar as office resumption or a possible re distribution to another city for instance. Of Course, all this also means careful financial planning of cost-benefit analysis. So, get your excel files and do the number crunching first.

However, an aspect in all this that is lesser known and often not considered in that of temporary storage.

Temporary Storage Services may be the Solution to the problem

So what is temporary storage? Temporary storage is about storing away stuff that you may not need right now, but don’t want to dispose of (as you may need in the future). Typically Storage Service provides and those who have large warehouses and business processes designed to manage such temporary storage services of commercial organisations.

Well temporary storage is lesser known because there are just a handful of companies that offer such professional services. Goldfishh Storex is one such service provider that offers professional temporary storage services for commercial establishments. 


What kind of Organisations can use Temporary Storage Services?

Pretty much any commercial establishment that needs to close down their existing infrastructure, but don’t know what to do with their asset – can use Temporary storage services. Those needing to undergo infra renovation may also have a similar requirement to put away stuff for a short period of  a few months. This could include regular offices, banks, call centers, BPOs, retail showrooms, restaurants, schools and nurseries, medical centers and clinics etc.

Are you having trouble evaluating the Pros and Cons?

No problem, Call Goldfish for a free of charge consultancy to evaluate your situation. Contact Goldfishh  - 9619191000 or Send an Online Inquiry


Here is how things will work out:

1.       A Goldfishh executive will get in touch with you. Explain to him your business requirement. Based on the inputs from you (and several pertinent questions will be asked there on), our Team will be able to make a critical assessment of your storage requirement including a viable cost -benefit analysis.

2.       If the solution makes viable sense to you, the Team will provide you with a Storage plan and a Price quote.

3.       Once you approve the plan – Things will be taken care of by the Goldfishh Team as an end to end service.

4.       As per the need all your stuff will get packed at your own premises by the Goldfishh authorized Team (Usually a Packers & Mover Company)

5.       The stuff will then be carried to the nearest storage facility.

6.       You will receive monthly bills as per the proposed quote and you can make payment online for the service. You will also receive all updates from our operations team so you can rest assured that your assets are safe in the Goldfishh Storage facility.